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  • 필리핀 민속공연

    [Philippine] The Philippine Cultural Experience

    This program includes a unique bamboo orchestra Musikong Kawayan-Bamboo Ensemble. You will be fascinated by this amazing performance!

  • 원더풀 인도네시아 공연단

    Wonderful Indonesia Dance Show

    Indonesian dance reflects the richness and diversity of race and culture in Indonesia. There are more than 3000 Indonesian original dances. Get to see the locals put on an enchanting show with traditional and hypnotic bajidor kahot, balinese and topengdances with swirling flames and vibrant cultural outfits.

  • 장한가쇼


    The show is a spectacular dramatic interpretation of famous Chinese poet Bai Juyi’s masterpiece, “The Song of Everlasting Sorrow”. It is a visual triumph, combining music, dance, lavish costumes, dazzling lights, and a unique stage that is partially submerged in a lake.

  • 난타


    A Non-verbal performance integrating Korean traditional Samulnori rhythm with comic and drama in the kitchen! Audiences of all ages and nationalities can enjoy! Everyone is welcome!​

  • 팡쇼

    Pang Show

    Pang Show is a hands-on variety performance that invites the audience to participate in the baking of bread (read as bbang in Korean). The show originates from the popular Korean TV drama “King of Baking, Kim Tak-gu” (2010), which has been televised across twelve countries in Asia.

  •  ietjet

    K-POP stage with Vietjet Flight Crew

    You can enjoy k-pop dance performances with Vietjet flight crew!

  • 이탈리아 솔리스트 앙상블

    Italy Soloist Ensemble

    Italy Soloist Ensemble is a korea music group dedicated ​to the performance of modern and contemporary music in Italy. Enjoy a concert of opera arias.​

  • 말레이시아 전통

    malaysia cultural dance show

    Malaysia's multi-cultural and multi-racial heritage is most prominently exhibited in its diverse music and dance forms. The dances of the indigenous Malay, Orang Asli and different ethnic peoples of Sabah and Sarawak are truly exotic and enchanting. See an amazing cultural show of Malaysian traditional dances.​

  • 운남영상가무쇼

    Yunnan Impression Show

    Yunnan Impression Show captures the essence of original rural songs and classical folk dances by means of the artistic director's reorganization and recreation, combining beauty of Yunnan ethnic minorities dance and songs with the power of modern stage exhibition. Therefore the richness of the culture of Yunnan minorities is born again on stage with startling effects.​

  • 베트남 다낭 차밍쇼 공연

    Charming Danang Show

    Charming Danang will bring tourists the most wonderful experience on a colorful journey with Ao dai, Non la (conical hat), lotus flower, Champa culture. Tourists will live in dances and songs full of Vietnamese spirits, to understand more about the culture and customs of Vietnam, the traditional instruments.​

  • 차모로 전통공연

    Chamorro Culture Dance

    You will see the natural beauty and traditional culture of Guam, the gem of South Pacific

  • 알카자쇼

    Alcazar Show

    Theater presenting dance shows with colorfully costumed transgender performers & high-tech lighting.​